What is Desafiando?

Challenging capitalism towards the construction of a democratic society

Self-government, economics, ecology, women’s liberation and defense of life

July 28th, 29th and 30th Bogotá Colombia and online

How to live together in this world? That is the question that guides this initiative. For today it seems easier to imagine social collapse than the liberation of peoples. We need to put into dialogue the actions, paradigms, thoughts and ideologies of each region and each territory in order to nurture our emancipatory horizons at a global level. We agree that any deep and radical transformation of this society must have a clearly anti-capitalist, anti-colonial, anti-fascist, anti-racist and anti-patriarchal content.

We agree that capitalism led us to a crisis of civilization, and that is why we build daily alternative systems to capitalist and state systems. We can call them democratic confederalism, good governance, good living or popular power. Whether or not we agree on the terms and words used to name the enemy, or our strategic objective, those of us who will gather in this meeting are conscious of rowing for the same side: revolution, communism, socialism, democratic modernity or, simply, liberation.

That said, our purpose is to expose our positions and concrete practices in order to identify dilemmas, challenges, conflicts, limitations and potentialities. In this way, we seek to nurture critical thinking based on resistance and jointly strengthen our political action.

Capitalist modernity is the center and source of the multidimensional crisis we are witnessing. he trend towards a new global war and the social and ecological problems have been increasing exponentially over time. It is precisely this capitalist modernity that creates, organizes, sustains and promotes new and old forms of domination and oppression: colonialism, racism, xenophobia, sexism, imperialism, fascism and authoritarianism of various kinds. The role of speculative financial capital and mega-monopolies in contemporary society displaces and destroys the life projects of peoples.

The first crisis of capitalist modernity is ideological. The hegemony that has been established, in this sense, has been battered in many ways and has gradually entered a process of ineffectiveness and decomposition. Although ideological elements such as religious fundamentalism, nationalism, scientism, sexism, racism, colonialism continue to operate, the fact is that they have lost their initial functions in many ways.

The system of capitalist modernity stands on the shoulders of nation-states. Capitalist modernity does not solve the problems, because solving them would imply overcoming capitalism. Those of us who have been harmed by this system now face a great test. Consequently, it is urgent and inevitable to discuss alternatives and produce solutions against this system hostile to humanity and nature.

That is why we extend this invitation to a theoretical and political exchange that seeks to link, exchange and reflect on the experiences of historical and current situations lived and discussed in our territories on: resistances; borders, territorialities, autonomies and collective rights of peoples; coexistence of native cultures; thoughts on modernity and de-coloniality; nationalisms, nation states, progressive governments, institutional dispute, reflections on science, society and power; ideas and experiences on the sustainability of life, political ecology and community economy in the face of the global economic, humanitarian and health crisis; emancipatory theories and practices of women and anti-patriarchal struggles.

This conference is intended to be an opportunity to open dialogue between regions that are part of the “periphery” of the world, the global south. Aware that this is not the first time that these initiatives have arisen, we hope that this space will allow us to clarify our revolutionary horizon and strengthen the political articulation between our organizations from the perspective of a popular internationalism.

We are currently working on discussion tables composed of people from organizations with the objective of planning the methodology and discussions within the event. We hope that you can join some of these tables and thus contribute to the coordination of this meeting.

(1) Self-government

(2) Ecology and territory

(3) Economy and territory

(4) Women’s liberation and global struggle against patriarchy

(5) Dispute of ideas: communication and education

(6) Youth

(7) State and democracy



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