Conference Program

Breakfast: 7am – Lunch: 12.30pm – Dinner: 7pm

28th of July

08:00 a 09:00

Opening of the conference

Installation mystique (ONIC y PCN)

09:00 a 12:00

Panel 1. Capitalism as a crisis of civilization

Ana Biker, El Salvador – Latin American Political RoundTable – The Imperialist Dispute.

Margara MillanCivilizational crisis, social movements and prefigurations of a non-capitalist modernity.

Academia de Jineolojî, KurdistánEffects of the patriarchal and capitalist mentality on society and on women.

Edgar Mojica, Colombia – CUT – A workers’ perspective on energy transition and the crisis of capitalism in the environment.

14:00 a 16:00

Panel 2. Alternative systems to capitalist and state systems (Part 1)

Congreso Nacional Indígena, MexicoThe Struggle for Life, Zapatista Autonomous system

Juan Carlos Jaime, Colombia – MODEP – Communist Utopia and people’s power. An alternative to capitalism and patriarchy.

Kurdistan Women MovementWorld confederalism of women and life without patriarchy.

16:15 a 18:15

Panel 2. Alternative systems to capitalist and state systems (Part 2)

Major Naka Mandinga, Colombia – PCN –

Rud Rafael, Brasil – MTST TELAR –

Gerardo Jumy Consejero ONIC Colombia Ecology and territory

29th of July

Working groups for dialogue

08:00 a 12:00 & 14:00 a 18:00

1. Self-government

2. Ecology and territory

3. Economy and territory

4. Women and gender liberation

In this long journey, we have learned that in order to defend our bodies-territories from the systems of death (capitalism, patriarchy and colonialism) it is essential to listen and talk about our organizational experiences, recognizing knowledge, memories, pains, challenges and reflections in order to collectively learn from the paths taken by others.

We invite you to recognize the struggles that women, gender and sexual dissidents in different latitudes of the world agree on, where each organization will share their perspectives and the challenges they face; it will also be an opportunity to weave strong networks of solidarity.

We invite you to share experiences, open hearts and minds, to feel and think about these vines of resistance and care that are germinating and flourishing despite the hegemony that sweeps away with hostility every expression of life.

5. Dispute of ideas

6. Youth

What all revolutionaries have in common is their ability to protect their youthful spirit, because these youth look to the future with the desire to transform the present, to transform the conditions of poverty, precariousness, unschooling and informality in which capitalism and colonialism have submerged us. Although youth is the dynamic force of society, this society does not provide it with the tools to energize its agendas and goals. That is why we believe that it is the youth who have the strength to fight and overthrow capitalist modernity, but with the appropriate conditions.

Women and youth are the vanguard of democratic modernity, whether in a biological or social sense, youth are the future of society and humanity. Youth is the future itself; the future path of our societies, our lands and our world is in the hands of young people. The future belongs to us. Therefore, the organization of youth is one of the fundamental conditions for the defense of humanity, nature and life itself.

The discussions at this table will revolve around: 1. Socio-political and historical context of youth. 2. Analyzing and criticizing the present. 3. Planning. Which in other words would be past, present and future.

7. State and democracy

30th of July

08:00 a 10:00

Panel 3. Revolutions and Internationalism in the 21st Century (Part 1)

Fouad Baker, Palestina – DFDL – Conflicts caused by capitalism and the nation-state.

Women Weaving Future Network, KurdistanWomen’s Internationalism in the Middle East and Women’s Internationalism in the World, Measurement and Principles.

Diana Díaz, Mexico – ICOR América – For an internationalism of active cooperation

Helmer Quiñonez, Colombia – PCN – Anti-Capitalism and Panafricanism

(confirmar) – Brasil o Ecuador –

10:15 a 12:15

Panel 3. Revolutions and Internationalism in the 21st Century (Part 2)

Mateo Q., Argentina – Darío Santillán Popular Front –

(confirmar) – Brasil o Ecuador –

Robert Longa, Venezuela – Comuna El Panal – Thinking Comunal democracy globally

Democratic Modernity Academy, Kurdistan The theory of democratic modernity as a guide to build a new internationalism.

14:00 a 16:00

Contributions of the working groups for dialogue

Desafiando’s moderation

16:30 a 18:00


Closing mystique (PCN y ONIC)